WAAA-275 | "Eh! Didn't you put it out for Naka now?" Chasing after premature ejaculation without pulling it out with an extended piston after an accidental discharge! ! Miku Misora

WAAA-275 |
Label: WANZ
Studio: Wanz Factory

A childhood friend who lives in the neighborhood suddenly came to my room. She came to push her homework on me and suggested that I touch her boobs instead. I'm depressed without being puzzled by sudden things. At that time, she rolled on her bed and witnessed her in full view of her pants. She cannot stand it and attacks her from behind and inserts immediately. I was absorbed in the feeling of the first pussy and repeated the piston ... sudden outburst. In order to hide her premature ejaculation, she continues to shake her hips over and over again, and she gradually changes to the girlfriend she hates.


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