FSDSS-760 | Chiharu Mitsuha goes to Paris

FSDSS-760 | Chiharu Mitsuha goes to Paris
Label: Faleno Star
Director: Company MatsuO
Studio: Faleno

As a student, Chiharu Mitsuha studied hard at fashion, and her dream destination was Paris, France. What kind of inspiration does she receive in Paris, as she has the knowledge and skills to tailor her own sister's wedding dress? Perhaps because of the openness of her trip, the gonzo video, which was almost 'private', made her cum so hard that her memories were blown away, and she demonstrated [super masochist] behavior that no one had ever seen before. Her butt is slapped loudly, and her whole body trembles with the electric pleasure that runs through her brain over and over again! Unable to hold back, she squirts like a fountain. ``I'm sorry...I'm going to cum again...Ah, I'm going to pee! I'm sorry!'' I went to Paris, intoxicated by the vividness that came from the one-on-one filming, and the smell coming from the screen. Please enjoy together.


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